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Intuitive, Informative, Interactive

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Power now at your fingertips

Enterprise BI

Comprehensive BI & Reporting platform to help enterprises generate insights from their data and share it with stakeholders.

Ad-Hoc Visualizer

Intuitive & Interactive visualizations, combining multiple views of data for conclusive insights.

Business Metalayer

Simple operations like drag, drop, join, transform and upload to enable powerful analytics.

Mobile Ready

Intellicus BI delivers real-time visibility into your data with a secure, immersive mobile experience featuring interactive visuals and intuitive search.

  • Informed decisions with immediate access to information
  • Pinch, swipe and tap data for analysis
  • Greater Interactivity with the new OLAP Viewer – Slice and dice data on the move

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About Us

Intellicus is a leading provider of web based business Intelligence and enterprise reporting solutions. Incorporated in 2004, Intellicus has grown globally with more than 10,000 successful implementations across America, Europe, and Asia. More than 60% of Fortune 500 companies depend upon Intellicus for their Business Insights.

Our cost competitive solution, user friendly & comprehensive features, robust design and lean implementation cycles have made us a solution of choice among enterprise, ISVs and service providers alike. Our near zero maintenance costs have ensured sustained Intellicus usage and regular upgrades by our customers and partners.

  • Support

    Our Professional Services and Tech Support teams can provide you expert assistance in product implementation, designing custom reports with world class Technical support.

  • Embedded Reporting

    Expand the capabilities of your application by adding BI & Reporting to it. Intellicus supports seamless embedding with single sign on.

  • Saas Reporting

    Supports secured access multi-tenancy, robust architecture, a seamless SaaS licensing model, and almost zero upfront investments.